So You Think You Can Network?

You probably have Facebook, maybe Twitter, if your old school you might still have Bebo, or if your new school possibly Likedin.

facebook függőség

The top businesses in the world on Facebook include Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Oreo (as of 2010). Why? Because there are 7.9 new Facebook registrations per SECOND, at the end of 2010 there were 585 million active users. The top countries included the USA, Indonesia, UK, Turkey, France, etc. The most common age group who use Facebook are those aged between 18 and 34.

Now, I’m not saying your going to go straight to the top like Coca-Cola who are getting 4 fans per second, but we can try. How you ask? Well, just follow these simples rules, tips and tricks!

#1: Assess and Reassess

One way to assess whether to use one of the “big four” social networking sitesas Samson Lov refers to FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Google+, is by looking at the statistics—number of users on each network.

Statistical data is an interesting factor to look at while you decide where to build presences. However, keep in mind it’s one of many perspectives. Some social networking sites may make more sense for your business than others. We’ll discuss this further in Tip #19, Start Somewhere and Start Small.

#2: Build a Group of Followers

Austin Considine reveals the “worst-kept secret in the Twittersphere.” He writes:

“That friend who brags about having 1,000, even 100,000, Twitter followers may not have earned them through hard work and social networking; he may have simply bought them on the black market.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are social media followers. Companies should think of followers as something they’ve earned—the virtual pat on the back.

#3: Curate Content

The question about original content vs. curated content can be a little confusing at times for businesses starting out on social media. Bottom line, you need to do both. A good rule of thumb is the 80-20 rule—use 80% others’ content and 20% your own.

Eric Savitz explains,

“As content marketing becomes increasingly central to the overall strategy, marketers look to content curation as a way to help cut through the clutter and provide their prospects with the valuable information for which they are looking.”

#4: Dedication for the Long Haul

The problem that many businesses run into is that they start using social media with lots of good intentions, like someone who has made a New Year’s resolution to exercise every day.  They have great attendance at the gym in January, and by February are missing in action.

Develop a reasonable, doable plan and stick to it year-round.

#5: Elicit Responses

No one likes to be talked at without being given an opportunity to respond. If you have a blog, let your users communicate and respond to your posts via comments.Ask thought-provoking questions on your other social networking sites that people will genuinely want to respond to.

Ok, thats just a couple! I grabbed these off the social media examiner, there are 26 in total, all are very helpful so check them out here.

And now you want to know about results? Well just take a look at these juicy stats!



As always, share some of your own experiences with social networking and your business, successes, fails or journeys!


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